This golden blond lager is a real thirst quencher. Its main flavor is caramel, but smells sweeter than it tastes. A strong lager with a rich start and moderately bitter aftertaste. A trendy, cool and irresistible lager beer with elegance.


Pilsner - 5,6% alc/vol



This is a beer of high fermentation with a second fermentation in the bottle. While pouring you’ll see a beautiful deep brown color and a creamy head. The alcohol content of 6.9% vol. is softly present which makes this beer very easy to drink. In the taste palate we can find a gentle fruitiness and subtle hints of caramel, followed by a pleasing bitterness of the roasted malts in the aftertaste. This is a perfectly balanced beer with a nice body.


Dark beer - 6,9% alc/vol

Golden blond beer with a beautiful firm, white head and an aroma of vanilla, white pepper and some fruity scents. The main palate is soft sweet, creamy with a moderate alcohol impression. The aftertaste, on the other hand, is softly bitter with flavors of stone fruits, mainly peach and nectarine. In short, a tasteful and gentle blond with a complaisant character.


Blond beer - 7,4% alc/vol




Dark brown burgundy-coloured beer with a solid off-white foam head and a pleasant aroma of pear and roasted nuts. Its palate is nutty with chocolate impressions, followed by exotic fruit. A beer full of character with a beautiful, full-bodied finish of bitter hop and caramel.


Dark beer - 8,5% alc/vol

Dark amber coloured beer with a dense rocky foam head. It has a fruity aroma with scents of banana and pear. The palate is sweet and fruity, with suggestions of apricot. The finish is strong and spicy, with a sweet, warm alcohol impression.


Amber beer - 9,0% alc/vol



Wolf Carte Blanche is a distinct, adventurous hopped top-fermented beer, expertly brewed with 5 different hop varieties. The aroma consists of a carefully selected balance of unique floral shades and a surprising spiciness, complemented by a hint of citrus and delicious tropical fruit. Fermentation in the bottle gives it a pleasant full rich taste and a refreshing sparkle in the glass. A real treat for the beer enthusiast!


Blond specialty beer - 8,5% alc/vol

The Flying Pig is a top-fermented blond beer with refermentation in the bottle. The 9% alcohol and the
dry hopping technique makes this beer a real flavor bomb. The beautiful white foam protects the aroma’s
of the beer wich make you realize you have something special in your hands even before taking a sip. A
perfect treat for every beer lover.


Blond specialty beer - 9,0% alc/vol

Tripel Monkey is a high-fermentation blond beer with re-fermentation in the bottle. The beautiful white
foam keeps the aromas of this distinctive beer well-fixed so that you immediately notice that you have a
special beer before you have taken a sip. Perfect for the true beer lover.


Blond beer - 7,2% alc/vol



Monkey Business ‘berry’ is an atypical high-fermentation fruit beer with fermentation in the bottle. Due to
the red fruit such as cherries, raspberry, elderberry, ... that are also fermented, the beer has a beautiful ruby
red color and provides the unique complex and distinctive taste of a real beer with fruit. Not too sweet nor
too sour.


Specialty beer red fruit- 5,5% alc/vol